Dynamics 365 – Bulk Edit Entity Records Using Views

In the new 2021 Release Wave 2 that will be go live at October 1st 2021, Microsoft has removed the hybrid experience between Web Client and Unified Interface. With the new Unified Interface dialogues, we now are able to edit multiple records directly from views.

The first thing that catches our eyes is the new small circles on the left side of the rows. When you select multiple rows and click “Edit” button you will see the new dialogue. Microsoft has got rid of old Web Client dialogues and introduced new Unified Interface dialogues.

Once you edit the fields and click “Save” button you will see the updated values on the selected rows. The fields that you left untouched will be keep their same values.

You can see your row count in the top of the dialogue. Also you can switch between form tabs.

The other new feature is you can switch between your forms if you have any. In the old dialgue, a default form was getting opened and we weren’t having any option to change the forms while we were editing the records. Now we have option to change the forms.

You will see a down-arrow at the right side of your form name. You can click and switch your form.


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