Dynamics 365 – Auto-Generated Power BI Reports For Your Views

With this new cool feature, now Power BI automatically generates the visuals for you, so you can start exploring the data immediately. Power BI quick reports generate a report automatically based on the page context. It automatically detecss data types. You don’t need to setup or configure anything in Power BI. But Power BI license is needed.

To generate your Power BI report, click on the Visualize this view button.

It detecs all of your column and data types then generate a Report based on your view data.

You can also change the way your report looks.

How to enable the Power BI auto-generated reports?

To enable this feature, you will need to activate the setting. To do this, open the solution for your app in Power Apps. Select New > More -> Setting -> Setting environment variable.

Add the” Enable Power BI quick report visualization on a table…(EnablePowerBIQuickReport)” environment variable.

Select Yes and Save. Publish customisations. You should see the button now when you open a view in your model driven app.


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