Dynamics 365 – New Modern Advanced Find

Microsoft is planning to replace legacy Advanced Find with new Modern Advanced Find that lets you explore the data easier than before. You can search through any table in a model-driven app by using filters and structured search criterias. You will still be able to manage and share your views with your colleagues.

Below are the some feature details that has announced by Microsoft.

Feature details

Modern advanced find provides the following benefits:

  • Explore any table in a model-driven app through structured search and filters. Edit columns and filter data to construct views that help you apply the right lens on your data easily.
  • Choosing the right view to access is easier with the latest enhancement to view selector having the ability for you to search for a view.
  • Managing views is simpler with personalization options to build your own set of views, hide views, and order them differently. Your personalized view list travels with you across all apps and all devices, online and offline.
  • Collaborate with your team by sharing views easily and managing the views shared to you.

All of the capabilities mentioned above will replace the legacy advanced find experience.

Enabled forPublic previewEarly accessGeneral availability
Users by admins, makers, or analystsFeb 2022Apr 2022

Advanced find entry point through search.
Advanced find table picker.

If you want to check the official docs, continue here.


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