Dynamics 365 – Using Progress Indicator

The one of addition that we saw is Progress Indicator functionality with Dynamics 365 v9 releaseWith this functionality, users can now develop more responsive forms and display the Progress dialog/Indicator using “showProgressIndicator” function of XRM.Utility namespace.

You can add showProgressIndicator to any of your form events like Ribbon buttons, field events, onSave event, onLoad event etc.

The Syntax of the showProgressIndicator is :


Parameters :

messageStringYesThe message to be displayed in the progress dialog.

Note that, You need to use closeProgressIndicator to close the indicator.

Below is the showProgressIndicator usage on onChange event of the form field.


To show indicator on saving of record add this code to your onSave event.

     RelationshipTypeOnChange: function (context) {
        Xrm.Utility.showProgressIndicator("Please wait while record updating…");
        // Do your logic

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