Dynamics 365 – When to use Power Automate Flows instead of Workflows

Power Automate flows have significant advantages over the classic background workflow model. Using Power Automate for automated processes instead of classic workflow gives you better control, error handling and manage for your cases.

With out-of-box connectors of Power Automate you can integrate with popular Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Azure services as well as many other services without writing any code. Power Automate also gives you better flexibility for your flows. You can create your flow as Scheduled flows that needs to work on specific days, time periods, specific hour of a day etc.

If your case requires:

  • Connecting external services, interact with applications outside of Dynamics 365
  • Running scheduled, time based jobs
  • Running parallel jobs
  • Logging run analytics
  • Filtering, looping, querying the data,
  • Working with N:1 entity relations

you can use Power Automate Flows.

If your case requires:

  • a very basic data update, create or delete
  • You need to send an e-mail from CRM
  • You need to share a record with an individual

You can use Workflows instead of Power Automate flows.


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