Dynamics 365 – Hide/Show Custom Ribbon Button by Ribbon Workbench

If you have a custom ribbon button and you want to hide/show it by a condition, this is what you need to do;

  • Open Ribbon Workbench and navigate to your button
  • Select Command of your button. Under Command properties scroll down to Enable Rules. Click “Add Enable Rule” button. Select “Add New Enable Rule to create your enable rule. Note: Enable rules now changes visibility of your buttons, so you don’t need to add Display Rules for that.
  • Add your conditions, click Publish to publish your changes.

Below are the most common Enable Rules that you can use.

  • Add a ValueRule if you want to change visibility based on a field value. It also works for optionsets, statuscode and statecode fields.
  • Add FormStateRule if you want to change visibility based on form state. For instance, Form Create, Update, ReadOnly states.
  • Add RecordPrivilegeRule if you want to change visibility based on User’s privilege.


6 thoughts on “Dynamics 365 – Hide/Show Custom Ribbon Button by Ribbon Workbench

  1. on D365 opportunity, I will hide the button “Close as Won”, but using this way seem not working … can you help me to hide “Close as Won” button until opportunity is fully compiled (process flow to close+finished)?


    1. Hi “Close as Won” is system managed button. I would copy that button and hide the original. Then modify the enable rules of the copied button.


  2. Hi,
    How can I show/hide Delete and Deactivate buttons on Home Ribbon (on top of Active Accounts View) based on a Field Value. If value is true, show the buttons else hide it.


    1. Hi. By using ribbon workbench tool follow these steps.
      Copy and paste the original buttons.
      Hide the original buttons.
      For the new buttons add enable rule. In enable rule specify the field value condition.
      Add enable rule to your button’s command. Save and publish.


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